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All items shown in the Gallery are for sale, unless already sold.  However I have not activated the Shop yet.  If interested in any of the original art pieces please feel very welcome to contact me direct via the Contacts page, to enquire about prices etc.  Commissions are welcome.  High quality Prints of any size can also be made on request.  Thanks very much.  

We walk on the soil but we rarely think about it, we look at plants but we don't see the whole plant.  The Roots collection, painted almost entirely with hand-ground soils and other natural pigments sensitively collected by the artist,  represent in a semi-abstract way the different layers of soil and the interaction of soil with roots.  It leads us to alter our perception of plants and more readily imagine the whole plant when observing nature.  As an organic farmer, gardener and permaculture practitioner for many years, who has also witnessed the damage done to soil by development and poor farming techniques, I have come to care deeply about the health of soil.  It is my hope that these painting provide opportunities for contemplation, and raise all our awareness of the hidden beauty of soil, as well as being beautiful paintings that would look lovely in any home or office.   

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