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Seaford Scenes

Seaford Scenes

Can you recognise these places? All painted with my own hand-ground paint using local Soil (mainly from my own garden) and also pastels and crayons, on 100% recycled cotton paper.

Bishopstone Station, the War Memorial, the Peace Garden, Blatchington Pond, the Crouch, Tode Mills, wildflowers at Sutton Downs and Looking towards The Downs Leisure Centre.

I enjoy drawing outside, what's known as plein air, and I enjoy drawing landscapes. The inspiration I get from long walks on the Downs as well sketching the countryside or the neighbourhood where I live feeds into and provides inspiration for the more abstract textural art using hand-ground soils and other natural pigments. Recently, with Seaford Artwave coming up, which is our local annual artists open studio festival, I did a few drawings around the town of the places Seafordians would find familiar. Some of these drawings are sold, some are now on display in the UNO Gallery Seaford, along with prints and also some of my textural works. Drop in and have a look ..,


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